Clarity and Kick-Ass Coaching Program

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Clarity and Kick-Ass Coaching Program

“During the session Nadjejda helped me identify my ideal clients and how I can make sure I speak to them. Nadjejda was very kind, patient and intuitive. She brought to my awareness some limiting beliefs that might have prevented me from reaching my goals and provided helpful tips during and after the session. Since our session I was able to gain more clarity around my message. I have been able to use the tools I learned from the call both in my business and personal life. I highly recommend her services and I look forward to working with Nadjejda in the future!”Katia G.

You're feeling stuck in your business, struggling with putting yourself out there to attract your dream clients. 

You're feeling frustrated, sad, and anxious.  

You're struggling with your message. You're not sure what to say to get your potential clients' attention. You're not sure who you're meant to help, you just have a deep feeling you can no longer ignore that you are meant to help people.  

You know know there's more for you and you want to get unstuck in order to move forward and feel relieved, confident, accomplished, happy, and free in your life and  business.

I know how you feel because I've been in your shoes. I know how to help you gain clarity around your niche (who you want to work with, what problem you solve for them) or your message through my Clarity Kick-Ass Action Coaching Program in order for you get unstuck and to start taking inspired and bold actions toward attracting and booking your dream clients.

With my Clarity Kick-Ass Action Coaching Program I can help you get to that place where you feel more at ease and start taking bold actions in your life in order to start feeling alive, at peace, and fulfilled.

Consistent and inspired actions will make you feel good!

Clarity and Kick-Ass Action Coaching Program is a 3 hours intensive and private coaching program that entails the following in terms of structure/content and the outcomes you will get from the program.  Please note that the program is customized to your needs.

Here’s the structure and outcomes for this program:


  • One 3 hours coaching session or Two 90-minutes coaching sessions.
  • E-mail support from me while we are working together.
  • All sessions will begin and end with a short meditation. (optional).
  • All sessions will be recorded and you will get all mp3 recording of our sessions. (optional).
  • A safe place where you’ll be able to share yourself and your deepest thoughts (A private personal space with me/confidential).
  • You’ll be taking actions in your life through completing real live assignments which help you get the results you’re seeking.


  • You’ll have a supportive partner who will challenge you, hold your agenda, and celebrate you in this journey.
  • You’ll discover your message. 
  • You’ll gain clarity about your message, what you stand for, and you'll know exactly what you want to share that will resonate with your dream clients. 
  •  You’ll create a plan of action to share your message with your message with your audience.
  • You’ll feel excited, confident, and empowered as you move forward and take bold actions to attract your first dream clients.

This program is for you if:

  • You are committed to yourself and ready to step out of your comfort zone.
  • You're willing to take responsibility for your life and career.
  • You know there's a better way for you to live your life and experience joy in your career/business.
  • You're ready to learn a new way of being, thinking, and to thrive in your life and business.

This program is not for you if:

  • If you're not ready to take responsibility for your life and career.
  • You want to stay stuck in blaming you others like family members, friends, and society for the way you feel or not achieving your goals.
  • You're not willing to step out of your comfort zone and learn a new way of being.
  • You don't believe there's a better way for you to live your life and experience the work you do.

*Please note that you will gain these results not only through our coaching sessions but also by completing your assignments which will require you to take real live actions in your life.

*If you've gotten that this program is for you, click the image below to request a 30-minute free discovery session call with me in order for us to know if we'll be a great fit as coaching is a partnership. I work with people via phone, Skype, and Zoom so no need to be in the same city or country.