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Welcome to Soulful Conversations with Nadjejda!

Meet Nadjejda Chapoteau, The Host of Soulful Conversations With Nadjejda


Monica Gonzalez Podcast PhotoEpisode 01: “Yoga and meditation can remove the concept that we are all different.” Soulful Conversation with Monica Gonzalez


Monica Gonzalez also known as Monica Toshani of Breathe Irie Dub Yoga is the co-founder of Dub Yoga which is the fusion of mindful yogic movement. Monica is a South Florida based yoga instructor and believes at looking at the whole because it's all interconnected.

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Annika's photo for my podcastEpisode 02: “One of my souls’ deepest longing is to experience kindness fully and deeply. Showing kindness to others but also having kindness shown to me and receiving kindness from others.” - Soulful Conversation with Annika Suoma Frey


Annika is a published author, a multifaceted visual artist and an exceptional Transformational Soul Coach, combining her channeling with her coaching to guide her clients safely into and through their soul-led adventures...

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Episode 03: "I believe the world needs more love and kindness. Choosing to love and be kind to myself just the way I am has allowed me to do the same with those around me."  Soulful Conversation with Katia Archer Guillaume 

Katia is a health and fitness coach who is originally from Haiti, she married the love of her life Gaby and they have a 4 year old son. She has a passion for health and fitness and she loves sharing her passion with others. 

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Episode 04: "Forget what happens if you fail. What's wrong with failing? It's not failing if you learn. Don't let that fear stop you." - Soulful Conversation with Sophia Lafontant 

Sophia Lafontant is a southern girl with east coast flair planning and designing events in New England, DC and NYC.

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Eva's photo for podcastEpisode 5: "When you fuel yourself first, you will go further in your journey. #Committed to Self!" - Soulful Conversation with Eva Ponce

Eva Ponce is an Intuitive Life Coach aka Modern Day Medicine Women on all things Self Care. She educates women in business on how to figure out where they need to implement self care, who are ready to release stress and anxiety in order to create a “Stress Free Lifestyle” in their life & business. 

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Mariana's testimonia photo

Episode 6: "Health is mind and body. Pain is physical & emotional. Heal your pains to move forward." - Soulful Conversation with Mariana Calleja

Dr. Mariana Calleja is a renowned doctor, writer and speaker - emotional and chronic pain expert - who induces thought-provoking changes in people's lives and minds, helping them heal to jump from fear to living. She believes one needs to heal their mind, body and soul's pain to move forward.

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Episode 7: "Hey Beautiful! Stop being a pawn and step into being a queen." -  Soulful Conversation with Twyla Clarke

Twyla Clarke is a mom, self-love advocate and  an Intuitive and Spiritual Life Coach also known as a Spiritual Gardener. She empowers women to connect to who they were created to be through self-love, so they can unapologetically be themselves.

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Episode 8: "Desperate times call for different leadership, and transformational leaders create cultures that leave a legacy." - Soulful Conversation with Rachel Rosen

Rachel is a leadership coach, facilitator, speaker, racial justice activist, and the Founder of SPARK For Humanity, the fun card game where everyone belongs. SPARK For Humanity helps communities unleash their potential to work together and connect in meaningful ways.

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Episode 9: "You are worthy and deserving of everything you want." - Soulful Conversation with Helene Golombek

Helene Golombek is an empowerment coach who helps women reconnect with the core of who they are and guides them to having more juicy and fulfilling relationships and lives. She helps them play bigger in life and in business so that they live life on their own terms, without the shoulds and have-tos. She's a traveler, runner, and wine and craft beer enthusiast

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Episode 10: "What if I fall? Oh, darling but what if you fly?" - Erin Hanson. Soulful Conversation with Carmen Rosas

Carmen is a mom to a two year old, and an empowerment coach and attorney. She helps women reclaim their power, live purpose-filled lives, and leave their mark on this world. She believes having an empowered life means owning your personal power, doing what you want and living life on your terms.

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Episode 11: Our emotions are our allies. Even the shitty ones. Love them all. - Soulful Conversation with Kat Kim

Kat Kim is a Transformational Breakthrough Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and creator and founder of the ASCENSION MASTERCLASS. Kat has served as a contributing coach and mentor on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s motivational TV show called Wake Up Call featuring Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser and Dana White of the UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship; she is co-author to Socially Smart & Savvy, and currently a minister-in-training (with a sailor’s mouth). Former run away teen and drug offender facing 3 years

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Episode 12: "There are no gatekeepers! You create the opportunity and paths for yourself, nobody creates them for you." - Soulful Conversation with Chandra Brooks

Chandra Brooks also known as The SocialPrenuer helps women ignite that socially conscious human inside. She helps them turn ideas into action and motivates them to create change in their communities. Chandra Brooks, The SocialPrenuer is a Leadership Specialist who coaches women in Community and Political Influence: How to Activate their Activism and How to Rise to the Top of Leadership. 

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