Soulful Conversation on Living Life on Your Own Terms with Monique Alvarez

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Episode 15: "Nothing will propel you forward like being surrounded by people who believe in you and the work you do." - Soulful Conversation with Monique Alvarez

Monique Alvarez is an international business consultant who turns women into business women. She travels full time with her husband and two sons and is currently in Albania. She's also the author of Success Redefined Travel, Motherhood, & Being the Boss. Monique has been using her 10+ years experience of entrepreneurship and leadership to help women around the world become powerful business owners as an international business consultant for the past nine years. She is a digital nomad and travels full time with her husband and two toddlers. 

Monique is a third generation entrepreneur who learned business by her parent's side. She spent her twenties as a volunteer in orphanages around the world and upon returning started her own business. She believes business is one of the greatest vehicles for female empowerment. 

During our conversation Monique and I discuss women living life on their own terms. She shares her journey as an entrepreneur who has chosen to have a lifestyle that allows her to travel full-time with her family. Monique created the life she wanted for herself and is an inspiration to women because she shows us that we can have the life we desire.

The only thing that's keep us from living it is ourselves because we are allowing society to tell us how we need to be as women, wife, mom, and career women. She really inspires me and as I shared during our conversation, she has made me become aware of thoughts I've had come up about not being able to have everything I want in life. 

We both enjoyed this conversation and we hope it will inspire women to choose to create the life they want and know they can have it no matter what they've been told growing up and even now. We are the creator of our life and need to pursue our dream life. 



You can connect with Monique and find out more about her through her website and social media pages listed below. Monique has a special offer, check it out below. 

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Social Media:

Facebook Group: Success Redefined Travel, Motherhood and Being The Boss

Instagram: instagram.con/missmoniquealvarez

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