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Nadjejda on the Podcast, Just Stay Curious!

I was featured on the podcast, Just Stay Curious on May 10, 2017 where I shared my self-love journey and and how it is very much linked to me deepening my spiritual practice and becoming an entrepreneur. I also shared tips on self-love for those in this journey, those struggling with it, and those wanted to begin the journey. Enjoy by listening to it below!


Love Light Recipes Cover PhotoMy Cookbook, Love Light Recipes is now available on Amazon!

I’m a clean eating enthusiast, enjoy cooking healthy food and am committed to empowering, supporting, inspiring, and motivating others to have a healthy lifestyle. In my book, I share my clean eating journey, food philosophy, and some wellness tips and affirmations along with a over 40 vegan and vegetarian recipes. If you’re looking for some yummy/healthy recipes and wellness tips and affirmations, you want to check out my e-book. And I’love some feedback from you as well. Click here or the link on top to review and get it on Amazon!


Light of Haiti's 1st tweet on O Magazine

Nadjejda's Tweet as Light of Haiti's Founder featured on O Magazine

As Light of Haiti LLC’s Founder one of my tweets was featured on O, The Oprah Magazine’s May 2014 Issue

I was inspired by Oprah Winfrey and others’ campaign, Just Say Hello which was encouraging people to say hello, greet people wherever they go and reach out to people they hadn’t spoken to in a while and to share the experience on social media. I loved it and decided to join and tweeted my different experiences and this one was featured on O Magazine. It was a great experience and I also encouraged others to join the campaign.


Mariana's testimonia photo

Mariana Calleja

"I had quite a revealing session with Nadjejda after a week of intense energy that was calling me to do new stuff I never thought of embracing before. It was all about becoming really public and visible in ways that involved dancing. I've never danced before and suddenly I was feeling a massive urge to dance it all. During our session, Nadjejda helped me see why I was feeling this and how I could channel it for my business and life. I took action that same day on live broadcasting and it felt the most empowering! Haven't stopped feeling the good energy since. Something big clicked that day for me thanks to her guidance. A lovely, powerful soul she is!"


Sue's testimonial photo

Sue Seely

"Nadjejda is so passionate about what she does, true and authentic in who she is, and shows a vulnerability and honesty that allows me to know I can be myself; in work, relationships, and this beautiful life. I was re-igniting my life coaching and hypnotherapy practice after experiencing a health challenge when I discovered this sparkly and joyful creature on Instagram! Dancing away and empowering women to be themselves, I quickly signed up for her Clarity and Kick-Ass Coaching Session. I wanted what she was having; to be an authentic empowered entrepreneur!
Feeling quite vulnerable myself, Nadjejda quickly understood my concerns and needs. We got right to it with laughter, joy, compassion and grace. Her natural insight and deep listening skills allowed me to move forward with confidence, knowing I had a partner by my side who truly cared and celebrated my successes. Nadjejda helped me define my niche and professional desires, create an action plan, and supported me all along the way. Nadjejda's patience, enthusiasm, intuitive heart and patience has been invaluable. I am so blessed, my heart is so full, and I am so grateful!"


Jen's photo 2

Jennifer Ingalls

“When I started life coaching, I originally wanted a guide to help structure my business ideas. With Nadjejda’s coaching I came to see that every aspect of life begins with the foundation inside yourself. It was what I really needed at this point in my life and honestly I will continue to do it because we’re always on a path to becoming stronger and deeper within ourselves. I was searching for who I was as a woman and I’ve been able to find that. And it’s only the beginning. I’ve gained so much insight and wisdom through her coaching. Coaching with Nadjejda brought me back to the person I really am, someone I had forgotten about and didn’t know if I would ever find again. Life coaching took me to the next level in life. My whole life changed because of it. The most empowering part of it all was the fact that she guided me to my own realizations and conclusions, instead of laying it all out from her point of view. Nadjejda is the definition of a guiding light.”


Katia G.

Katia G.

"During the session Nadjejda helped me identify my ideal clients and how I can make sure I speak to them. Nadjejda was very kind, patient and intuitive. She brought to my awareness some limiting beliefs that might have prevented me from reaching my goals and provided helpful tips during and after the session. Since our session I was able to gain more clarity around my message. I have been able to use the tools I learned from the call both in my business and personal life. I highly recommend her services and I look forward to working with Nadjejda in the future!"


Taryn's photo

Taryn Laughlin

“I came to coaching because I wanted to make major changes in my life regarding my career and my health.  I quickly learned that Nadjejda was the empowering and supportive coach I had been longing for!  Nadjejda used her intuition to deeply understand what was going on in my life and then tailored her coaching approach to a style that would work best for me and my tendencies.  Nadjejda truly empowered me by striking the perfect balance between guiding me to have my own realizations and challenging me to step out of my comfort zone to consider different philosophies that could further enhance my life.  Needless to say, I successfully made the life changes I wanted to make!  Thank you Nadjejda!”


David Bean

David Bean

“Nadjejda Chapoteau has been my coach through an exciting period as I worked to build my own coaching business. I am profoundly grateful for the way that she helped me keep focused on what mattered and encouraged me to set “stretch” goals that I then achieved. I have no doubt that I would have made less progress and made it in a more haphazard fashion without the inspiration and encouragement that she provided.”



Guerda's photo

Guerda Constant

"I always thought I can be my own coach, I knew what to do to remain positive and face life’s challenges; it worked for a while. At some point I felt that light I had was no longer there. Through Nadjejda’s coaching I was able to see and learn that forgiveness is the key to living a life where I feel fulfilled and free. I got that without forgiveness, I am not able to share my light with others and make a difference in their lives."



Lourdes P. Testimonial Pic

Lourdes P.

"Nadjejda gave me HOPE!! At the beginning of our call, not sure if she noticed but I was in tears. As we moved along our conversations, she unfolded my emotions and I got some major realizations about myself, one major one was that I need to learn to love myself and I plan on learning how to do so. Trust me at the end I was no longer the same woman who got on the call. Nadjejda is that ray of sunlight on a cloudy day."



Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop

"Nadjejda’s  life coaching is wonderful! She brought her beautiful spirit, generous heart, and life coaching expertise to our Free Minds  members, (young men recently home from prison) and made a big impact on their life outlooks. She was able to engage them in a way I hadn’t seen before. Nadjejda provided a safe and supportive environment so our members felt comfortable to share their emotions and experiences. They gained insight into their own values and how they connected to their life plan. It was incredibly empowering for them. We look forward to more life affirming sessions with Nadjejda!"


"Through private coaching with Nadjejda and being part of her Facebook group I learned tools that have been helpful in helping me make positive changes in my life. Nadjejda is a great listener who listens to you openly without judgment. She is also helpful in working on how to effectively work on inner issues. I learned that I need to focus on what I wanted. She also taught me more effective ways to use affirmations. Her Facebook group has been helpful in providing support and positive messages as I work through improving my personal life. She ran a self-love challenge and I am already noticing how I'm talking to myself. I hope to gain further from her coaching."
Divya Goel